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Resistant Plastic Slip Sheet Hdpe Slip Sheet Plastic Pallets


Resistant Plastic Slip Sheet Hdpe Slip Sheet Plastic Pallets

Product No.:KT-1210SS

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Resistant Plastic Slip Sheet Hdpe Slip Sheet Plastic Pallets 


Size 1200x1000mm
Thickness 0.6mm /0-600kg
Lips 1 lip,2 lips,3 lips,4 lips
Application Grain, Fertilizer, Chemical, Beer, Beverage, Hardware, Furniture, Medical, Electrical,etc
Color Black,White,Red,Yellow,Orange
Logo Available
Packing On pallet

Plastic Slip Sheet Feature:

1) Plastic Slip Sheet is zero maintenance
2) Reduced handling costs with Plastic Slip Sheet
3) Faster loading and unloading time with Plastic Slip Sheet
4) Custom made sizes easily available
5) 100% Recyclable material
6) Reusable many times for Plastic Slip Sheet
7) Low replacement cost
8) Plastic Slip Sheet is up to 98% lighter than a wooden pallet
9) Resistant to moisture
10) Resistant to bacteria
11) No wooden pallet type certifications required
12) Maximise warehouse space
13) High Co-efficient of Friction (COF) non-slip surface
14) Higher tensile strength (pull resistance)
15) Eliminates the need for pallet exchange

Please contact us to get the customized slip sheet. Our price is lowest since we are the factory.

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