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Stackable Plastic Pallet Bin with low cost


Stackable Plastic Pallet Bin with low cost

Product No.:KT-760S

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Heavy Duty Vented Pallet Container
1. Outer Size: 1200x1000x760mm
2. Inner Size:1110x910x600mm
3. Material: HDPE
4. Load capacity: 1000kgs
5. Q'ty/20'ft:44pcs
6. Q'ty/40'HQ:104pcs


1. Heavy Duty 1000kgs

2. Good air circulation

3. Stackable 4 layers

4. Durable with good quality

5. Suitable for forklift and hand forklift

6. Four way entry

7. Stable in temperature from -40℃ ~ +70℃

8. Optional lid and wheel and water outlet

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